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Important Information and News

  • Every year, PSG is required to report Form 1098, the Mortgage Interest Statement, to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for your mortgage and provide this statement to you. This statement often assists our homeowners in filing their own tax forms required by the IRS, particularly in helping to take advantage of home tax deductions.  PSG would like to note an important change relating to mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) for the 1098 statement for 2017. The deductibility of MIPs for certain homeowners has been recognized in prior years. During these years, mortgage lenders have been required to report this information on Form 1098. For 2017, however, this section has not been reauthorized by Congress. Accordingly, this means that Box 5, where such amounts are indicated on your 1098 for 2017, will be left blank. You will need review your closing disclosure for any additional information for your tax return filing. You may reach out to the IRS at (800) 829-1040 or your local IRS office. Additionally, your lawyer or any tax professional in your local area is likely able to assist you with such questions as well.  80127
  • If you are making a payment via our online system you cannot make a same day payment.  The only option is to choose the following business day and days afterwards.  If you would like a same day payment made via ACH you need to call our office (303)952-1070 by 2pm MST to do so.